Venom test ride

Diego Anderson shares his thoughts on how the new Carbon Fibre deck performs

World_Boarderx_Championship_Serbia_055The French top dawg got his grubby mitts on the very-shiny Venom Carbon Fibre infused Deck.

If you’re friends with him on Facebook (and who isnt?!) you may have already seen a video or two with him throwing some shapes on his new board, and he’s kindly taken some time out to tell us all about it… Over to you, Diego!

“I’ve been lucky enough to receive a brand new deck, made by the Spanish (Canaries) company VENOM. They have been working for several years handmaking mountainboard decks. Today, their latest production is one of the best toy ever made…

The first thing you think when you get your hands on this full carbon pro deck is : “Wow!” Although it’s handmade, the result is a nice glossy carbon surface, a great finish which makes it look like a big factory machine shaped product. The look of the board is incredible, fully black carbon, with a nice shiny top layer. The length of 97 cms is perfect for any type of riding. The part under your feet is large enough for any size of shoes. The weight of the deck is 200gr more than a Pro 95 one, but no big deal.


After this first look, and though it was worrying me to dirty that fresh shiny deck, I decided to put some trucks, wheels and bindings on it. My reaction when I first stepped on it was again “wow !”. The stance is a bit wider than on a Pro 95, and your feet goes perfectly on the well shaped part under your feet.

Another reason I was surprised was the stiffness of the board. You can barely feel it bend when you jump on it. The feeling is really different than on a more flexy deck like the Pro 95, and my first thoughts was that it wasn’t going to be as fun to ride in the skateparks or rough terrains.

After a few tricks on the flat, I already realized I was wrong. It’s true that it’s stiff, and you need some strength to move it, making it feel like a Pro 100. You won’t be able to use the pop of the board to really give you an impulsion. So at first, it’s looks a bit heavy to move. Then you realize that it’s still really light, and need different balance to ride it easily.

Then I rode it, and hell yeah, that was a third “wow !”.
This board is a real fighter jet. As it’s stiff, you won’t turn that easy. Not the type of board you’ll use to carve in Moab or your local hill. It’s more like a competition board that goes fast, with a incredibly precise feeling. You’re on a rail when you ride it. No efforts, you just have to get the right balance, and its’ like you’re on a snowboard.

The feeling of stability is awesome. Your feet perfectly set on the board, with the right stance, you’re just part of the board. You’re one.
On rough terrain, I thought it was going to be uneasy, but nope. Perfect control, perfect trajectories, even when the ground is full of roots and rocks. In the whoops, it’s a bomb. If you’ve got the legs and ability, you’ll get speed from any little bump…
The board in incredibly sane. You feel the turns, you feel the grip of the tyres, and that if you push a little bit more, it’s going to slide, or not… As long as you know how to ride a mountainboard, it will follow your dreams. But it’s not a forgiving board. Push it too much, lean too much, and you’re sliding… For the snowboarder who will understand what I’m talking about, the Venom Pro is for mountainboarding, what would be Kessler or Oxess for snowboarding. An incredible precise and fast board, made to go further.

Venom-Mountainboard_4The downhill sensation is absolutely incredible, but what about freestyle ?
Well, once again, I’ve been really surprised.
The launch is clear and precise, you really feel the jump, and you’re not surprised at all.
In the air, it turns perfectly, the weight is well balanced, the stance is right, the length is perfect.
But the real surprise comes from the landing. It makes a big difference. The feeling is amazing, whatever your speed is, you don’t have any board rebound or feeling to be out of control. You land and bam ! it’s on, you ride it again.
You understand it : wow, wow, wow, wow, this deck is like a basket of fresh new puppies barking, you want to bring back one, whatever the cost or troubles it will bring to your life, you want one, you need one, you’ll have one…

Yes, this board is (with the next and upcoming COLAB), the best Pro deck I tried in my life. And as some of you know, I’m not the type of person to say good about things I don’t like.
This board is a freaking beast for boardercross, big air, and all the rides you want to push further.

This is not a beginner board, this is probably not the best board to carve, but for everything else, this is the most incredible feeling of control and stability that I felt for a while.
And that makes this board my new ride, just need to bring back some muscles as my old age won’t push it at its best, but youngsters will, and will probably push the limits further with this type of deck…
This is the future of our sport…

At 290€ the deck (plus postage), it’s a real bargain compare to the quality… Get it through Ivan Mederos Afonso or VENOM board on Facebook.





To found out more about the Venom decks, check out our previous Deadly Venom Report and check out Venom on Facebook! Massive thanks goes out to Diego Anderson for his words of wisdom and photos.