The Hottest Vids: 2012 to 2015

An epic hand-picked compilation; 3 years worth of our finest featured films


With stunning freeride, jaw-dropping big air, exciting events, contemplative documentaries, rider profiles, skatepark sessions and so much more, these stand-out vids were all produced with something extra special: Mountainboard magic! 

In descending order, all Remolition ‘Vid of the Moment’ films released in the 3 years between May ’12 and the start of 2015 

>CineFlite Mountainboarding

Filmed at the end of the UK 2014 comp season comes possibly one of the best drone hell-cam vids to date. Created by ex-rider and BFC film maker the mighty Jack Johnston, this quality promo flies us over Bugs Boarding while top names ride BX and freestyle. Jack is involved with the company called CineFlite who are ‘aerial media professionals’, and you know what? It shows. Rad.


>Summer Shapes

Master Aiden Beamish is a firm friend of the UK scene with his splendidly jovial banter and witty yet articulate inter-personal communication. Yer right, he’s a fookin’ dedicated rider! The Mad Mule, possibly a character from The Inbetweeners (we’re not sure), is a rad mountainboarder who’s in it for sh!ts and giggles. Proof x3: 1.He rides an MBS for Trampa. 2.He does Horseboarding. This vid. Old skool, lo-fi and punky, it features a load of summer ’14 footy from his local Knockhill, a bit of Ironsides and a taster of Wanyi. The last two shots alone are worth the price of admission so we’ll forgive the use of Example in the soundtrack! 🙂



>My Nature is the Mountainboard

This promo vid from Brazil is a little thing of loveliness: simple, beautifully shot, crisply edited, a few effects and just sick riding. It’s like a sun-soaked slow-mo Western crossed with a poem of love to our favourite dirty wheeled pastime. It features Lucas Melo from Trilhas do Olimpo Centre near Rio, in collab with extreme webzine Clube Radical. Also big congratulations to Lucas as he just won top podiums across all disciplines in the 3rd stage of the Brazilian Mountainboard Circuit on 2nd/3rd August in Såu Paulo. Here, we can see why…


>Mountainboarding Japan

Everybody’s mate and aussie ledge Dyl Wozza and film/photo bud Jimmy Reynolds went to the land of Mt.Fuji to visit MBS JPN and make some outstanding new mountainboard memories. With so much more, this vid takes us with them as they do demos & random rail hits, meet kawaii kids, do some crazy rafting and generally have a great time. Mountainboarding Japan: SuperLuckyFunRadFaceTime! Arigato.

>Spring Bangerz

As soon as the Centres open, the peeps are out shreddin’, and the boys from DayDream Productions (Emlyn, Ben et a)  have been out doing their thang, getting all creative over the features in this, their latest edit.

One thing’s for sure, they spend more time doing than dreaming. Check this to see what we mean..



>BFC Failtrip 

This is the first new old BFC vid in years and reminds us why we loved them! From their early days mid-noughties the BFC (Best Flippin’ Crew) brought us sick films (in real, tangible, holdable 3d DVD format!) like Filmogenic, Yeah Right, and We’ll Apologise Later, as well as sick events like Cream Teas & Jam. The films always had their trademark tomfoolery, the easy-going fun road trip lifestyle shiz that made them so likeable, as well as epic steeze, jibtastic japes and all round sick board riding. This effort has just been unearthed by the mighty mountainboarding peoples friend Nicky Geerse, who brings us lost tales of a road trip with the lovely Martyn James through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany  meeting Arno VDV, Evan Carlson, bobble-head cat and others en route. Street, park, woods, tracks, north shore, Wanyi park: they ride effortlessly at varied locations, inspiring that feeling of being on the road. Radness. Roadtrip, anyone?


A Bee Jo Short

“We live amid many surfaces and the beauty of Mountainboarding is the freedom to surf them all. From the slick rock of Moab to the high alpine tundra of the Rocky Mountains, Bee Jo and his friends are riding it all”. Yes they are. The freeride is sweet, the rock drops impressive, the fun infectious. We’ve seen a bit of this footage before but in this new edit Bee Jo, True Griz, Ecar, Fozzy bear and other excellently nicknamed riders shralp and shred and kill and probably maim some nizz, gnar, sickness, radnage etc. In short, this is what we need in cold february 🙂

>Mountainboard World Boardercross Championship ’13 – Serbia

This is the film of what was the biggest mountainboard event of 2013- some truly epic international action!! The action starts a minute in and teases us with some tight editing and arty shots before the heli-cam takes off and starts giving us a sick view of the excitement on this super-long sun-baked bx course. The riding is tight and we get a good feel of the adrenaline as dust clouds explode. It would be nice to see a whole race, & we almost do- the run from about 5.25 finally gives a glimpse of the whole course! Then a breakdown for the 21 bum salute followed by prizegiving- an international community of friends celebrating wins, fails, life, each other, and our amazing sport. What a community! What an event 🙂  Let love rule!

>Double It – double corks, double fronts, & double backflip one-footers

Yes it’s a game-changer people and without doubt one of the biggest vids since Andy Milenkovic came from nowhere to steal the double-back crown. Well the crown has been passed, to MBS and Ezo Sponsored Pro Sir Matt of Brind, from the good old United Kingdom. To read the story of this epic Nitro-Circus Tour training session and to read about what it felt like from the man himself, go to the Rem Extra Blog. Meanwhile watch and re-watch these amazing mountainboard world firsts in this vid, filmed by Mason Moore & James Smith and edited together by Pete Hills… Yeah Brindy :-O

 >Damn You can do it better! aka Damit Du es besser kannst

Here’s something a bit different! It’s basically a creative advert for further education. Yes, even mountainboarders can go back to school and learn how to angle their jumps & trajectories properly. It comes from Aachen in Germany, close to the Swiss/Dutch border, and promotes the local educational evening classes. Made by ex-students Moe Glich and friends, it’s quirky, a bit daft, and fun. A bit like mountainboarding really!

>ATB Junkies Film Festival 2013 Entries

All of the winning films from October 2013 are just plain rad. ‘Ruddy Marvellous’, ‘Mountainboarding Norway’, ‘Mud, Sweat and 10 years’ + ‘ATBA Series 2013’, and ‘ATB Cycles’ are fantastic examples of amateur film-makers creating proffessional quality mini-movies. Kindly check them all out in one place on Remolition HERE and pick your own favourite as current Vid of the Moment!

>Brandon Goode: Promo 2013

One of Team MBS America’s latest recruits, Brandon is blowing up storms in mountainboarding. With punk ethos, infectious personality, and bomb-drop addiction he’s expressing himself how we like to see.. His riding could be described as carefree yet aggressive, stylish yet technical, playful but deadly serious. With natural mountainboard flair reminding us of another certain MBS pro who incidentally also equally hearts skateboarding (cough-*TomK* cough), Brandon’s first solo promo film is a rad document of his well-practised skills, with his riding influences boldy displayed on his sleeve: there’s Kody Stewart, ooh there’s Kilian Martin, bit of Dylan Warren, but then it’s just all him; the cheeky one-footers, mega-boned uber steezy grabs, the surprising, knee-destroying flat landings, and more. Yes, it’s all Goode 🙂

The film was shot over 7 weeks, with much help from bro Zach & friends (& Jesus), and unusually for a promo it doesn’t feature sponsors logos & flashy titles. Someone give this guy some money to make the next film now! Sick stuff: get frustrated, get focused, tear sh!t up.  Get in there.

>One Day on the Spot!

Dawid Rzáca is one dedicated Polish rider. He’s a big fb fan of what we do here at Remolition and we’d like to say we’re big fans of what he does on his board!! His new vid has made it here coz it’s just a brilliant example of a rider doing what he does; He rides, falls over, tries again, nails it, rides more and clearly loves it. His personal set-up in Moszczenica is worthy of a Rem Backyard Jam visit, and his time spent practising is evident in his mastery of what he’s doing, whether it’s rails, steezy grabs, big rotations, flips off molehills or the trying double-backflips (does he nail it? see at the end!). In short, this is an amateur vid from an amateur rider yet it rivals the Pro’s. F**king good Work Dawid and friends at! Keep it up yo x


>Dylan Warren: Summer Clip

It’s arrived! We loved Dyl & crew’s Winter Clip, we watched each episode of Tour Lyfe with mega-grins, and now we’re foaming at the bit with Radface’s all new Summer Clip.. Trying to write it up without using the words rad or sick will be a challenge so let’s just say the riding shreds the absolute gnarbage, the innovative spots shralp all available nizz, the edit is psychadelic without being fashionista, and the Aussie homegrown soundtrack tames all impalas. This shit should even get nods of respect from skaters & snowboarders, and the last few minutes is proper funny after all the rad sickness (oops, said it). Just watch it, Radfans. Bloody Oath mate.

>Simple Life

The trailer for Pavel Dunaev’s ‘Simple Life’ appeared in October ’12 and we’ve been waiting patiently for it’s arrival, now it’s here and it’s just what we’d hoped for! A sublime, nature fuelled hymn to travel & riding. This dreadlocked dude has been round the world, riding the air and the land, documenting his journey and environment with partner Lila Sun (and Andrey Kalnoy) , carving his own style & niche within mountainboarding. The huge ramp featured in the vid is at the Republic of Adygea Rider Sport Centre, a unique project designed to unite ‘extreme’ sports in the South of Russia, in the foothills of the magnificent Caucasus mountains. The soundtrack is pure Koyaanisqatsi, the locations are stunning, the animals: well cool, the riding, inspirational. Now head to youtube for 8 minutes, chill out, get spiritual and get radical…

>RBYJS Round 1@ Will’s

Without blowing our own trumpets too much, the first Backyard Jam round went off like a kilo of prawns in the midday sun.  All the riders, most of whom also film, were concentrating on nizz shralping, gnar shredding, and just plain being radballs on their wheelieboards. There were also stills photographers in attendance (check the Andy Rolfe & Dirt-Monkey galleries on the rbyjs page), and so for a moment it looked like their was gonna be no filming of this event!?! Obviously this would’ve been a disaster (probably backside). But, luckily for all of us, the lovely Lei (Mrs Matt Brind) turned her camera to ‘video’ mode and shot this little lot with winning Ripper Emlyn B editing it together to reveal a tasty teaser of the fun that went down! Now bonk, tap, stall, rotate, grab, grind, slide and generally jib your hearts out yo!

>2013- New Beginnings

Our friends The Bitches are pretty prolific, chucking out loads of qual vids for 2 years now. It’s great to see the emphasis on having a laugh and from the first vids (& even from the start-to-finish of this one) you can really see & feel progression! This edit is pretty dope, with centre riding, street jibs and coast line freeride-ish fun 🙂  Daf Price & co, for filming, editing as well as riding, remind us of the BFC in their early days, and that is a real good thing! Here’s to new beginnings…


>Tour Lyfe (Series Trailer)

Howyagoin’ is a new series of short films documenting some metal as f*ck mountainboarding.

Feb ’13: That is, there is some majorly sick nu-skool riding & a load of rock n’ roll lifestyle shiz, on a great wheelieboarding odyssey (taking in Oz, UK, Europe & the USA over 6 months). Featuring MBS Pro & general top bloke Dylan Warren, Andy  Milenkovic and friends like Matt ‘Nitro Circus’ Brind and Nicky ‘Stirrups’ Geerse, they ride all over the shop with enviable style.

Watch the trailer for the full series now!


Head over to our special TOUR LYFE  PAGE for all the vids as they appear!

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Check out some words & mo’ vids from Dyl Dawg & co in Remolition’s recent feature.


>World Boardercross Championship Serbia; Trailer

Jan ’13: It’s not everyday someone spends the time to make a trailer for an event but then it’s not your everyday kinda of event. After last years test run it’s all official Serbia is going to hold The World Boardercross Championship on their massive BX track. Will James Wanklyn turn up and take the title home with him or will someone from another place in the trolley boarding world be putting the trophy in their board bag. We will have to wait till September to find out.

>rc heli mountain board fun


Dec ’12: No longer do you need a mega budget  to get those much dreamt of heli shots for your edit. All you need is a mate  who good with his thumbs and has a  big enough remote control helicopter to carry a GoPro and your sorted :o)

So here goes mountainboard mecca Cleave Hill from the air. Just try not to hit reload to many times ;o)

>Best of mountain boarding 2012


Nov ’12: The boys from Dirt Can’t Melt Media have been every ATBA comp this year riding and weaving to Gopro’s at wheelieboard action they could find, that includes the odd sesh going on at their local Hales Superbole mbc. So without any more waffle from me sit back hold on and enjoy 53 seconds of the best mountainboard steez Dirt Can’t Melt Media saved to an SD card in 2012


>Our Journey 2012


October ’12: Em & Shane aka Tricky Media‘s latest offering is a brilliant, often hilarious 10 minute ride. Journey with them through loads of different places, meeting loads of others riders as they go in their trusty white van. Months of filming and late nights in the editing suite have proved well worthwhile with this smile-raising movie that perfectly captures what it is that so many of us do. When this film premiered at the ATBJunkies Film Festival, the crowds reaction was instantly warm with big cheers throughout, and it ultimately took first place. Now sit back & see why!


Dylan Warren – Winter 2012


September’12: It’s taken 6 months of shredding the cold streets and parks in the depths of the Ozzie winter. And by the end of it Dylan and Co have shifted the bar of mountainboard street riding. To the same standard to you see in skate/BMX/ snowboard edits. Props to them for setting another bench mark


Devin Garland – My mountainboard Promo


August ’12: Devin Garland has been riding for donkeys years (with buddies Dave Starfighter, Ari Coats, Shaun Anderson, Cole Shipp & more) and luckily for us has put together a montage of some of his finest moments. The vid quality ain’t hd or anything but it shows off Devin’s amazing quality riding; solid, steady, confident, having fun, and making sick, tough stuff look easy peasey lemon squeezy. From baked dirt jumps to indoor demos to gopro bikepark, Devin shows us why he’s on the MBS Pro team. Time to slip into the future…



Mountainboard World Freestyle Championships 2012 – Final jumps


August ’12: In Moscow, on the last weekend of July, International riders descended on the City Games festival for THE epic big air comp. This vid from Bilberry breaks down the best jumps from the riders with a handy voiceover to tell you exactly what they’re up to, and of course it features Matt Brynd’s double-backflip nailing…

MWFC Final Jumps from Bilberry on Vimeo.


WMD- Toulouse


July ’12: World Mountainboard Day 2012 saw all sorts of riding going on globally and this vid is a good example of the international wheeled fun that us lot love to have. Brought to us by & More mountainboard, it was shot at The Rosarie MTB Park in Toulouse (also featured in Gaby Le Gall’s Rem exhib). It’s not high def, cutting edge or genre-defining, instead showcasing a typical day’s japes to a good ol’ hip hop soundtrack and featuring loads of different boarders doing a mix of riding with, a side order of steeze (tree taps, picks etc), comedy bails, partying hard French style, and mountainboarding’s first Nun shredding some gnar. Amen to the good times!



Beach Break


June ’12: A welcome return to both Theo Acworth’s films and the MBS UK demo team. It’s short and sweet; short mainly due to the fact they only had half a days riding out of 3 because of naughty weather, and sweet becuse Mick Kirkman, Ollie Morrison et al are throwing dope shapes in one-piece jumpsuits. And Renny Myles was there.

MBS at Beach Break from Theo Acworth on Vimeo.


Kody Stewart – Mountainboarder

June ’12: A promo vid of MBS pro rider & beef jerky muncher Kody Stewart ripping it up. His dedication and endless enthusiasm are infectious, as are his sections in many other films including One5 media productions… Enjoy sick riding in all kindsa spots and don’t forget to shout ‘chicken boots’ at the screen, it makes him go higher!


Bing is for doing – Andy’s story

May ’12: Double-backflipster Andy Milenkovic stars in a short film as part of a viral series for Bing. He speaks for himself. Good on yer, Andy…


Rem Roadtrip with Pixel Distort & PUATB

May ’12:  Simon Neck’s Pixel Distort made this vid of a big bad freeride meet in Cann Woods near Plymouth. A whole load of mixed-ability riders shredded the woods even more than the weather already had! There were fallen trees & debris galore, rain, mud, and mega-sick mountainboard riding.