Wanyi Park: Belgium Open 2013

In the middle of Summer 2013, on a boiling weekend, Belgium’s Wanyi Park again played host to a great international mountainboard event!


Every year since 2003 Wanyi Park (5670 Oignies-en-Thiérache)- the legendary Belgian Mountainboard Centre- has held the Belgium Open, celebrating the European scene with a festival of mountainboarding, music, and epic waffles n’ chocolate.

This event is one that has to be visited to be believed! It attracts riders from all over, but its focus is on providing an amazing inspiring time for scores of newbies, and a great, happy party vibe for all overnight. Local Legend Arno VDV said he’d do us a write up and we got this…


The Belgium Open normally is held on the first week of August because that’s the week when the whole village parties and they won’t mind the music! But this year we decided to mix things up a bit because our new king was gonna get crowned on the 21st, our national holiday. This would mean a bigger party and more people attending we figured… To be honest i don’t remember much as everything went just the way I wanted it to be so i’ll try and give you the stuff i remember in a sort of chronological order :)))
We started our 14-18yr olds mountainboardcamp the week prior to the event so the campers could train and maybe enter the comp if they wanted.. Also they could give us a hand moving things around and sweeping stuff 🙂
Thomas Baudoin and his girlyfriend arrived, joined two days later by four other Frenchmen and a Russian. We were getting nervous; would there be more people coming and how many? Will we have enough beer?
Well, it turns out there was enough beer and there were loads of riders! Luckily for us and for you lot, Andrey Yenin (the ‘Russian’ lol) was also there with his magical-picture-box so we can see for ourselves all the action that went down that sunny weekend…
Geniet van de foto’s!
Visit the Wanyi park website at mountainboard.be
Don’t forget to like their Facebook Fan Page if you’ve been there or want to go there.
Thanks to Andrey for the awesome photos and Amo for attempting a write-up lol 🙂
Andrey contributes to Mountainboard.ru and numerous European Mountainboard sites, as well as being the producer of the Mountainboard Art-Album ‘All Day Long‘.