Weekend of Venom

Venom Boards visited old Blighty so we jolly well offered them some classic English Mountainboarding, what what

Ivan & Javi are the Spanish brothers behind independent manufacturer Venom. They came to London for a week with their girlfriends just as Autumn started to really kick in and we’d sorted a spiffing little weekend of wheelieboarding in our green & pleasant land for them, taking in Surrey’s long-standing MBC Ride the Hill followed by a day of splendid freeride in our beautiful woodland. It would sure be different from riding the volcano on Tenerife!

Rider numbers were a bit low (just one of those weekends!) but it just made us all ride more, chat more, & bond more. Joel Treliving was our freestyle fanatic for saturday, picking up his gorgeous new Venom Deck and putting it through a vigorous first outing, while on sunday Harry Jessop radpit crew came over for leaf slashing, muddy drifts and generally tearing the hell out of Kings Wood.

I took some snaps on my phone to document some of the moments; things like:

Joel’s bespoke custom graphic, a nice leafy artwork by a talented friend of his.

The look on some kids faces when he then popped a Backflip and McTwist out of the Quarter a foot in front of their eyes.

Ivan and Javi’s boards: we rode them (stiff deck, good 96 length- bespoke stance, low profile, super quality finish – smoooooth) but then inadvertently raved about their heelstraps more, which look like part of a horse’s bridle -giddy up!


Moustache wax can be a vital part of your padding up routine.

Just because you call it a ‘Death Race’ does not mean you have to take out all the other riders.

Make the most of picturesque Mountainboarding opportunities in the UK: they abound!

Ride on.





Very nice.

Muchos gracias mi amigos.

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Words and pics by Dan Wilson