Wendover Woods

A photo-diary full of the finest leafy woodland flavours and dirty wheeled characters


A typical UK autumn mountainboard meet but organised in a hush hush manner, this was in fact a surprise treat for Team Dad‘s Mark: a day on the old wheelieboard with friends old and new in some of the finest freeride woodland terrain in the home counties.

With the dedicated travelling from near and far, it was back to the old school as over 15 riders came out to play, making it as well subscribed as some of the UK’s 2015 comps!

Wendover (and nearby Aston Hill) has been ridden regularly by mountainboarders for over 20 years and featured on Remolition probably too many times, but many of the assembled crew on this overcast mid-October sunday had not been before…

It was time to introduce them to the delights of Truffler, Ripper’s Gash, The Gulley, Tarantula, Backbone and many, many more awesome runs…


“8’s or 9’s? Brakes? NoSno, MBS, Flame. Not fast enough. Way too fast. Really, down there? Mind that flint wall… Nice line. 25 minutes to walk back up? Watch out for the dog trap. Road gap. Root drop. ‘Ave it. Nerf to the head!”






Riders included Colin, George, Dan, Phil, Neil, George, Matt, Rhys, Mark, James, Clayton, Tristan, Roger, James and Horse.

Words & pics by Dan Wilson (photo of Dan by Rhys, group shot by the 10 second timer 🙂

Video by George Pollard, shot by various!