Will’s Place

sunset wa

Nestling on top of a hill in the middle of the Chiltern nowheres with plenty of freeride about for when he fancies a change from hitting the rails and kickers in his garden is Will’s house, our first venue for the first Remolition Backyard Jam. Lucky for him he does live a top of hill with plenty of space to build whatever he wants. Unluckily for Will his house being in the Chilterns, a chalk ridge which runs east-west across the south east, means there is about 2″ inches of soil and then it’s pretty much solid rock making digging nearly impossible. The only good point is, it does mean his garden is ridable all year round. The other upside is this has meant pretty much everything in his park is built out of wood and bit’s from his and Connor’s dad’s business. They can shift stuff about when the landings start getting worn out or if they get bored of one line they can always stick another rail in and add another manual box.

With over 20 ridable features varying from a 4ft kicker with a dirt landing to a flat-down rail and 5 foot drop.

Yup, yup. It’s gonna be a sick one!

wills garden