Some killer inspiration for your Mountainboard fix: Winter 2017… Muddy downhill freeriding, skatepark jib sessions and badass Rhythm Cross. Go go go!


There’s a common misconception that Winter is a time for hibernation and hiding from the cold and the wet. But let’s be honest, here in the UK it’s always cold and wet. And what are you anyway, a bear? No. Here are some good reasons to get out of your cave and jump on your board during the ‘down time between competitions’… Get on your board and get your fix however you can!

Freeride Meet Ups

Freeride is a solid favourite as soon as the leaves start falling off the trees and it’s obvious why; it’s so much fun. For beginners the leaves make learning to scrub speed a whole lot easier and it’s that little bit softer to bail. For the experienced it gives the opportunity to hone skills and to take on new or different terrains; one of the best part’s of Freeriding is finding those perfect spots that work, that will run when soggy, have steeper gradients, that offer killer lines you couldn’t touch in summer.  From a nice wooded hillside, like Randwick in these shots, to open spaces with random drops like Cleeve Hill and everything in between. There are always hundreds of lines waiting to be ridden with infinite scope for creativity. 

And know that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothes!

Skatepark Antics

For those who are more into their tricks than they are downhilling then skateparks are the answer. There are plenty of them peppered around the country so one is never too far away, and every one of them is different so they never get boring. In every park every ability is catered for with all sizes of ramps and features, usually featuring a foam pit or air bag so you can get big tricks dialed without the gravel rash. And the best bit, they are often under a roof and out of the elements! This session was at Beast Rampz in Manchester.

NEW Entry! – Rhythm Cross Sessions

Rhythm Cross is a brainchild of Leon Dove in collaboration with Scott Leadbitter; it’s basically a badass version of BoarderCross using BMX Pump Tracks. Pump tracks are becoming more popular across the UK and easy to build for local councils so they are popping up everywhere. Leon and Scott have used this opportunity to use them for some Mountainboard Competitions. The reason it’s more badass than boardercross is because there is next-to-no gravity assist on the pump tracks, so it is literally down to who can use the features of the tracks to build speed. And the berms, oh god, the berms!

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to learn & train by heading down to a group session for a day of practice.

The even better news is that a series of competitions are coming soon and will be launched from right here on Here’s a taster of the things to come.


Keep an eye on Facebook for local meet ups, they’re always popping up. Or even organise some of your own. Also check back here on Rem for (ir)regular information, competition dates, and how to get involved.

Keep enjoying your favourite sport rain or shine.


words and pics by Andy Rolfe