The Mountainboard World Boardercross Championship 2015

Access all areas to the World BX Champs in Großerlach: Andy Rolfe’s full Report with epic photo Galleries

September brings one of the most important events in the Mountainboard Calendar, the World Boardercross Championships. The previous two years have been from Serbia but this time it was Germany’s turn to test the world…

Over 100 Mountainboarders from 17 different countries made their way to the Großerlach Skilift & Freizeitzentrum to take on a 600m beast of a boardercross track…

Unlike the Serbian track, Großerlach was full of testing features; the top section contained rollers and rhythm sections, before dropping into a steep straight and step up – step down, quickly turning into tight switchbacks and table tops at the bottom. Some hot, dry South-Germany weather had also made the track incredibly fast and even more dusty just to test the riders that little bit more.
The Qualifying kicked off on the Friday. All races were broken up into categories: Women, Youngster (16 or younger), Open (17 or older) and Master (35 or older). Each rider got 3 randomised races, each race containing 4 riders where possible. 1st place earned 5 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points and 4th got 1 point. If any riders qualified with same amount of points, the rider with the best time from the three races would receive the higher placement.

The whole track was rigged up with speakers and Belgian superstar Arno VDV’s favourite tunes were playing through-out the day as riders dropped in for their qualifying runs, which added to the exciting atmosphere…WBC_Grosserlach_Mountaiboard_05


WBC_Grosserlach_Mountaiboard_25It was at this point that it became clear just how demanding this German track was. There were many tumbles and spills in all categories which meant anything could happen in any of the races. A classic example of this was in one qualifying heat with Arno himself: after taking an unfortunate fall at the top of the track, it looked as though he was finishing with 1 point but after a lot of work he managed to overtake for third, then a mistake on the stepup/stepdown meant Arno could pass by and take second place and a place in the finals.

On the other hand the crashes were not always just a moment of excitement – many unfortunately resulted in trips to the local A&E. However all the casualties made it back the same weekend to enjoy the racing and partying! Big props go out to both ATBA Germany and the local paramedics – brilliant organisation and services in the times of need.

The usual legends of the sport were looking far from comfortable as the competition progressed, some new faces to the World Championship scene were looking extremely quick & super-smooth down the track. “Jolly” Tom Reese from the UK made a return this year and was pushing for the top spots in all his races, as was Krzysztof Dybczak from Poland who qualified in 2nd place.

The top 4 qualifiers in the open category were Kody Stewart (USA), Krzysztof Dybczak (POL), Matt Brind (GBR) and Marco Dähler (SWZ)…


After some Friday night YouTube DJing and a lot of Beer with friends old and new, the party atmosphere soon gave way to the important Saturday morning… It was sunny Finals Day!

64 Racers had made it into the Open Finals, with 16 Racers for the Juniors, Ladies and Masters category. The top two riders of each race then moved into the next heats until there was 4.

The competition was intense; once again anything could happen in any of the races.

Trampa’s top dog Ted had gathered a round of encouraging troops and created noisy makeshift cowbells (from bottles & tent pegs), adding to an already buzzing atmosphere.

WBC_Grosserlach_Mountaiboard_43In the Juniors, special mention goes out to Felix Meier from Switzerland, who was the youngest (and definitely the smallest) Mountainboarder to race a competition at this level. He really showed what he was made of on a challenging track with great skill in making it down safely. Also to mention in the Juniors a Serbian rider Tosa Jovic; only two years ago he was making steady progress down the Serbian track falling leaf style, now he is absolutely ripping down the track and looking as though nothing can get in his way.

Both the Ladies and Masters finals kept everyone on their toes:

In the Ladies final, the previous World Champions Senka Bajic and Martina Lippolis (frustratingly for them) made mistakes allowing Simona Petro and Natalia Chernikova to take first and second place!

The Masters crazy-close final had to be re-run after a Mountainbike follow cam accidentally crossed the line of Flavio Nottalgiovanni causing him to fall, leading to a whole lot of suspense!

However after another crazy close race the same leaders emerges: 1st Faure Ludovic, 2nd Diego Anderson, 3rd Jomo Morcher and Flavio in 4th.

Jeremy Leafe seemed to have his lucky underpants on; each race he fell behind into the lower placings yet though confident and consistent riding managed to claw back the positions to make it into the final.

It was looking to be a final dominated by UK riders, however an unfortunate crash led to both Tom Reese and Andy Brind finishing outside the qualifying zone.

It was still a final of USA vs UK, with two smiling, hardcore-dedicated and incredible mountainboard riders from each nation in the gates;

They were crazily quick and all so hungry for the title but it was finally Matt Brind who retained the BX World number 1 Champion status, with Kody Stewart taking 2nd, Beiran Stelzer-Martlew in 3rd and Jereme Leafe 4th.

What a day.

It was rounded off the way a World Champs should be, with a super stylish massive freestyle jam, then music from live bands, grosse amounts of bier and mosh pits, ja.

It would be amazing to mention every rider in here, they all deserve but it would take days to read. The whole event was incredible and as always its amazing to see the international mountainboard family together again. One love.


Danke sehr to ATBA Germany for an amazingly hosted event! Thanks to the centre, Großerlach Skilift & Freizeitzentrum, for making everyone feel so welcome! Thanks to Team Trampa who were like the on-site mechanics garage with spares & repairs! And thanks of course to ALL the riders, participants, parents, spectators and sponsors for making this truly international event what it was: outright awesome!

See you next year.


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