The World Boardercross Championship 2016

A photographic gallery to behold from the epic international mountainboarding event
Goran Vujic is a photographer and videographer with an amazing talent: he can turn a picture into a painting. His technique elevates his pictures to a standard normally associated with a full-time Pro rather than a hobbyist!

With friends in Mountainboarding, he attended the World BX Championship in Novi Sad at the start of September 2016, and Remolition has scored a fantastic exhibition of his finest shots from that incredible sun-baked mountainboard event.

Enough words now feast on the pictures…


Riders include Dave Stiefvater, Joel Treliving, Lucas Melo, Dieter De Waele, Bieran Selzer-Martlew, Zakaria Lingane, James Wanklyn, Cambione Vinz, Matt Brind (the overall champion) and more.

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For more of Goran’s work check out his youtube channel for promos of street dance and such, and see his stunning photos on Facebook

All photos copyright Goran Vujic 2016, used with kind permission