World Championships 2018 Report

Team Trampa’s Sonnie Dibben opens his diary on the Mountainboard BX & Freestyle Champs 2018 in Kranj…

Initially this was supposed to be a vlog but as soon as the first can of beer went down that all went out of the window, so here’s my little bit on the world champs from the team GB perspective…


On Wednesday Me and Hugo Heaney landed in Slovenia, Hugo went to his terrible hotel on top of the mountain and I went to the royal palace that is my 2 man tent that Daf Price had kindly set up for me (cheers bro), we both had a few test runs of the track then cracked the beverages open!!! The track itself is in the top 3 tracks I’ve ever rode (and I’ve rode most), it wasn’t dangerously fast but you could really push it if you wanted too, lots of cool features and it all flowed really well.

Thursday, practice day

Thursday morning came along, I woke up with a sore head but still managed to get a fair few practise runs in, some great team GB trains and practice races with me, Daf, James wanklyn, Jethro Lomas, Connor Smout and the rest of the crew. Scotty Leadbitter and Andy Dumelow turned up and were bombing the track.

After that it was back down to the campsite to crack open our warm beers that had been in the sun all day and get ready for the evening. Amon, Emlyn and Will turned up and set camp next to us, followed by Joel Treliving. The evening was spent at the hotel with a meal and the ‘4 down Project’ which consisted of 4 videos from different mountainboarding crews around the world. All 4 were quality edits with great mountainboarding that really showcased some of the great talents in this sport around the world! The hotel had cold beers so as you can guess….

Friday, qualifying day

…. I woke up in the morning with a sore head again, me and the boys chucked our pads on and headed up the hill, linking up with the rest of team GB at the start gates, a few practice runs and qualifying was under way! For myself qualifying day was a massive disappointment, I took a heavy slam in my first race and it set the tone for me for rest of the day, riding well below my abilities, in the end I missed out on the pro category but still qualified for the open category along with Jethro and Nash. The rest of the boys were ripping, Matt and Andy Brind absolutely flying down the track as usual and James, Joel, Hugo, Connor and Daf also beasting it, all 7 qualified for the pros and I couldn’t be more happy for my boi Daf at his first time competing at a World Championships. After some steezy runs, Matt, James and Hugo all qualified for the pro category in the freestyle as well.

Saturday – race and freestyle day

Up nice and early Saturday morning with my head not as bad this time, soon we were all gearing up ready for our races... Nearly all of team GB got through their first race; me, Matt, Andy, Joel, Jethro and Nash taking 1sts and Connor, Leon and Scott also advancing to the quarter finals, The first casualty was a huge shock with James wanklyn going out in the first heat after being drawn against 3 other top drawer riders! Hugo and Daf also went out in the first heat which shows the level the pro category was at with so many top riders, and another big shock was Andy Dumelow going out in the first round. Andy is a very good rider but sometimes in a race it just doesn’t happen for you. In the quarter finals there were a few more casualties after some Team GB Vs Team GB quarter finals, Scott and Leon found themselves in the same race and unfortunately Leon was knocked out with a Scott taking second and Leon 3rd. In the open me, Nash and Jethro were drawn in the same race meaning at least one of us would be going out, sadly Jethro finished 3rd and Nash 4th meaning they were both out, the only other casualty of the quarters was Connor who was beasting it all day in the pros but didn’t quite manage to get through. So that meant, me, matt, Andy, Scott and Joel through to the semi finals of our category’s.
Next round saw Team GB lose both Scott and Joel, with Andy going through to the final at Joel’s expense… Although going out, Scott came back and took 1st in the small finals (to decide 8th/7th/6th/5th) and so finished 5th overall!! Big love Scotty!! So it was into the finals, with me in the open and Matt and Andy in the pro.

I was up first; I’d taken 1st in every race and led this one all the way to the final corner where unfortunately it all went wrong for me- in the end coming off the track and finishing 4th… I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. This allowed me to see the last section of the pro final: Kody was out in front with Matt doing everything he could to make ground on him but it just didn’t happen, Kody held on for the win, matt took 2nd and Andy finished 4th behind David Rzaca from Poland.

With the racing done it was on to the pro freestyle!!!

There’s not so much I can say about the freestyle, people were going huge with absolutely crazy tricks, but one thing I will say is that boy Matt Brind can pull it out the bag when he needs to, after seeing James Wanklyn’s first 2 runs where he dropped a switch 5, a 720 and various other madness, I felt that Matt’s first 2 runs were quite tame by his standards! I personally saw him as behind James and Dawid Rzaca (who was beasting it with huge frontflips and a massive switch backflip), so naturally next run down Matt drops in and throws a 720 followed by a backside corked 540, it was like you could see he meant business! his next run was a frontside boardslide on the rail, no comply 180 to put himself into switch, switch 180 1 footer and finished the run with a huge 360 1 footer, I think it was clear who the winner was going to be from then. James dropped a huge switch frontflip in one of his runs, and so many other sick tricks went down from all the riders. Matt took the win with James in 2nd and Dawid Rzaca in 3rd.

Shortly after the freestyle ended it was prize giving time, Matt claiming the title of Mountainboard World Champion for the 9th year!! Nice one Brindy!!

After that it was party time and i’ll leave the rest to your imagination…

Sunday – time to go home

After saying our goodbyes to everyone who was leaving, me and Jethro decided to hit up Lake Bled and Google maps decided to route us over a mountain on the way; I can honestly say Slovenia is a truly beautiful country.

This years worlds is one of, if not the best mountainboard competition I have been to, the track was brilliant, everything was so well organised and the people were amazing.

Well done to my Trampa team mate Matt brind for reclaiming his title, my boi Daf for making the pros and to all the team GB riders for smashing it!!!!”

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Words by Sonnie Dibben

Photos from Team Trampa, Sonnie and Nejc Pelzel –

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