World Mountainboard Day Round Up

Like ‘Go skateboarding Day’, ‘World Snowboarding Day’, & world everything-else day, mountainboarding too has it’s own ‘official’ get-involved day when you are meant to spend the day doing it, shouting about it, & generally showing the world how great it is. So for the last three years, the third weekend in June cometh World Mountainboard Day or WorldMTBDay (not to be confused with World take-a-kid Mountain Biking day).



In the past mountainboard centres have opened their doors for free taster sessions, riders have organised public demos & meets, and events have been held. This year was no different:

MntBrd ( ticked the demo box by taking their now world famous mobile freestyle set up to a public square Moscow.

mountainboardDAY2012 from skep.derzost.

In France a load of riders got together at Toulouse mountainboard park for a good old freestyle sesh…

In Old Blighty the ATBA-UK had planned to hold Round 2 of the International Series, but had to postpone it due to a water logged track, meaning UK riders went to a mix of other centres & informal, fun freeride meet-ups.

In Scotland, despite some pretty nasty Highland weather, Dave McBean & Allan Gray headed up a mountain for 1000 metres of rocks & rain gully jumping. Luckily Dave has written a little blog and filmed the whole thing so we can see what it was like descending all that way in the Scottish mizzle.

These weren’t the only mountainboardingists getting out and doing their ting and spreading the word to the herd. Judging by the facebook page set up for it and general buzz on surfing dirt, boarders seemed to be getting together all over the world for some off-road shredding, making it a truly ‘world’ mountainboard day.


I mean, check out this gallery on facebook of a load mountainboarders in Colombia getting together for a World MTB Day Shred.

For us, we were pretty stoked/relieved that instead of pissing on our BBQ, the weather was warm and sunny, which meant for starters that we had already done better than our board riding cousins of surfing and skateboarding which had held their ‘world days’ earlier in June. For World Surfing Day in the UK (judging by twitter) yup, you guessed it, ‘it was flat’ and World Stakeboard Day didn’t fair much  better weather with  a day of drizzle ‘just right for skateboarding! :o(


This year for the first here at Remolition we thought it was about time we got properly involved with World Mountainboard Day. And what better way to do it than by having a bit of a BBQ in our favourite hilly park, Tom Burts Hill in High Wycombe? The thinking being, if you want to show peeps how much fun riding one of these big wheeled board is, then you have to go where the people are!


Plans were made. Connor and Will loaded as many ramps and rails from Will’s jib park into Connor’s Dad’s van as they could. I sorted a BBQ. And before you know it, Roberts your father’s brother and we had our own World Mountainboard Day ‘pop up’ jib park.  Then all we needed was a load of boarders to turn up and shred.

And they did. Clive, Spud and Maudey, long time LARD (London and Regional Dirtboard) peeps, Simon Harwood, and of course Connor, Will, Roger, Wilz and me (Smilie). Made for a pretty go sized group to spend the day cruising about a park, doing a spot of jibbing and flipping the burger, enjoying the early summer sunshine. Oh and to top it off, the council had been round with the mower, so the whole place running fast ‘n’ smooth. :-p

The sun shone, there was plenty of mass-descending and tricknidge thrown down. Props to Connor for stomping a back flip and Clive for showing that old guys can still go big. We roded, carved, filmed, took photos, BBQ-ed, tweeted, posted and sunk the odd sports beer. Yup, it was a good day to be celebrating all things mountainboarding. If you are wondering what it looked like, Connor (WC productions) has put togther this rockin’ edit.

Here’s a few photo’s from Smilie’s phone and Wilz camera

Deffo going to be doin’ it all again next year 🙂