Young Guns – Amon Shaw

Amon the edge mbc 1First off for those who don’t know you, who are you, which board do you ride and do you ride for anyone?
I am Amon Shaw and I live in Nottinghamshire. I ride an MBS Pro 95 and I ride for MBS and Bugs Boarding.

How long have been riding?
For about 3, maybe 4 erm not sure

Do you do any other sports?
Bike, Skateboard, Long board, and other normal boring sports

Do they help with mountainboarding?
Skateboarding and Long boarding do!

What’s it like having a your own backyard set-ups?
Its really good because I can just go out and ride when ever I want! The only downside is that I have to ride by myself a lot.

What’s in it? Is there anything you building at the moment or planning to add?
A few different rails and pipes, a couple of kickers to flat, a box thing, a little northshore thing and a demo ramp style jump over a hedge. At the moment I have got a small kicker that needs plying and I am planning to build a down rail.

Amons veg patch

Do you think making videos is going to become more important for getting known as a good rider than event results, or are comp’s always going to be important?
I think videos are important because more people see them and you can do your tricks more than once to get the best shot. But competitions will always be important because you get to ride with everyone and encourage each other to try new tricks.


Favourite Trick?
Front side 360 indie or Back side 180s.

If you could only ride one place the rest of your life, where would it be?

Bugs Boarding!


If you were going to have a pro deck what would the graphics look like?
A plain colour with the logo on the side or on the corner?

Favourite Competition?
Cream Ts and Jam! does that still happen?