Young Guns – Ben Wanklyn

ben @ bugsFirst off for those who don’t know you, who are you, which board do you ride and do you ride for anyone?
My name is Ben Wanklyn and I ride the Jereme Leafe pro 95 deck with Matrix Pro truck, rockstar pro hubs, f4 rachet bindings and the fx pro 2 healstraps. I ride for team Ironside.

How long have been riding?
I have been riding for 5 years-6 years at the end of this years.

Do you do any other sports?
I do a bit of bmxing, this does help mountain boarding with balance.

How much time do you spend at your local centre?
I spend Wednesdays and most weekends up at ironsides court farm.

Does it also help being on a team?
Being on a team does help because you can get support from your team mates.



Do you find you push each other to try new tricks?
I do find that I push others to do well.

Your brother is flying high at the top of the top ATBA-UK series at the mo. What’s like having being the brother of a rider at the top of his game?
It’s great having a brother at the top because he can teach me to do well.

Is there some good old fashioned brotherly rivalry pushing you to get better than him?
Yes, there is a rivalry and as a result of that I also push my brother to do better. We have practised tricks together but because of him being that bit older and more experienced I can get tips off him.

Favourite tricks?
My favourite tricks are the palm air, 360, backflip and the cheeky backside shifty.

Three favourite photos of yourself?
My three favourite photos of myself are my backflip at one of the competitions, my palm air at bugs and my practising of frontflips at hales superbole m.b.c and bike park.

If you could only ride one place the rest of your life, where would it be?
If I could ride for the rest of my like I would ride at ironsides court farm.

If you were going to have a pro deck what would the graphics look like?
If I would have a pro deck the graphics would look like something to do with my name and hobbies.

Favourite Competition?
And my favourite competition so far was the Ironside Court Farm comp 2012.