Young Guns – Emlyn Bainbridge

emlyn melonFirst off for those who don’t know you, who are you, which board do you ride and do you ride for anyone?
I am Emlyn Bainbridge from gloucestershire, I ride a MBS Pro 95 (Jereme Leafe) with F4 bindings, FX2 heelstraps, Matrix trucks, Rockstar Pro hubs and T2 tyres. I ride for Bugsboarding.

How long have been riding?
I’ve been riding since I left primary school, so about 5 years now.

Do you do any other sports?
I quit basketball, I do skateboarding a lot, some snowboarding, some mountain biking and a bit of freerunning and trampolining.

Does it help with mountainboarding?
Yeah, I think they all help as mountainboarding is a cross-over sport and it takes elements from a lot of sports so I suppose it helps with technique, balance and confidence quite a lot.

How much time do you spend at your local centre?
Ideally about once or twice a week, but did my GCSEs recently so not as much i would’ve liked recently. Luckily they are over now so i should be going up to Bugs on thursday nights and weekends regularly.

Does it also help being on a team?
Yeah, I think so because we get discount on products and AJ (Watkins) helps us out loads. It’s also a lot funner when we ride together as we try more things and have a laugh.

Do you find you push each other to try new tricks?
Yeah sometimes, for example me and Ben Searle learnt backflips at the same time which was really fun! I suppose we all take inspiration from each other to try new stuff.

With tricks like backflips and 720s in the bag, do you find it hard to choose between competing in the Juniors or the Pro’s?
That is such a good question because I keep saying I want to enter Juniors because I feel like a bit of an underdog in Pros but Matt Brind persuaded me to enter Pros at the start of the year. Although I think i might try boardercross in juniors as I’ve never entered before.

Do you think making videos is going to become more important for getting known as a good rider than event results, or are comp’s always going to be important?
I think videos are definitely becoming more relevant and important as more and more people make them. Whether they will be more important than comps to judge a rider’s ability, videos are better at showing riders in their natural environment but comps show what riders can do when it comes down to it, so on the whole I think comps are more important when it comes to getting known as a good rider.

Favourite tricks?
Well I suppose 720’s because they can look sick and it’s probably my best trick and FS 360’s with tweaked grabs because they feel so good.

Three favourite photos of yourself?

If you could only ride one place the rest of your life, where would it be?
Either Bugsboarding or if someone gave me enough land and money I’d make my own centre with endless freestyle runs, creative jib and a really flowy boardercross.

If you were going to have a pro deck what would the graphics look like?
They would probably be an artist’s impression of a mountainboard competition – cartoons of people chilling by a fire, riding, skating and on the podium getting prizes.

Favourite Competition?
Probably the whole of the ATBA-UK International Series last year as it was my first ATBA-UK comp. I came joint first, made a lot of new friends and it was just really good fun. Other good competitions include Battle of Bugs ‘09 because it was my first comp and it was amazing to see Joe, Tom and Tom killing it! Also round 1 of Cream Teas and Jam at Knockhill last year was really fun with some really good prizes and some sick riding at a really fun centre.

Go Big or Go Home re-edit from Diamond Productions on Vimeo.