Young Guns – William Mcauley

William McauleyFirst off for those who don’t know you, who are you, which board do you ride and do you ride for anyone?
My name is William Mcauley, I ride for Joboleisure, a small mountain board and kite shop in Amersham. I ride a Pro 95 with MBS Matrix Pro trucks, MBS F4 bindings and Pro heel straps.

How long have been riding?
I have been riding for just over 3 years but this year was my first year of competitive riding.

Do you do any other sports?
I snowboard as well as mountainboard.



Does it help with mountainboarding?
As I learnt to snowboard after I learnt to mountainboard. I think that mountainboarding has helped my snowboarding rather that my snowboarding helping my mountainboarding. The turning techniques are quite similar and the freestyle aspect of both sports are very similar which is where I feel mountainboarding has helped me most with snowboarding.

will's garden

What’s it like having a your own backyard set-ups?
I find having my own backyard set up is amazing. It’s great that I can just board whenever I want to and don’t have to travel anywhere. Whenever I get a new idea for a feature or want something new to ride, I can just build it, depending on the materials available. Although I can go mountain boarding by myself whenever I want I much prefer riding with my friends, which is good as my good friend and fellow mountain boarder, Connor Tyson, lives just 15 minutes away. It’s also handy that his dad is a kitchen designer so there is usually some spare wood so Connor is always bringing round new jumps to hit.

What’s in it? Is there anything you building at the moment or planning to add?
My garden has a 4ft kicker with a dirt landing, a 3ft kicker to flat, a 2ft kicker in need of repair, a couple of small kickers, a U rail, a boardslide, a pole jam, a little free ride track in the woods, a new mini rainbow rail, a couple of jib tyres and a dodgy quarter pipe which we are planning to turn into a big U box. Over this summer we are planning to have completed a full jib field with a bunch of rails, some boxes, a mini kicker line, and we are planning on building some northshore as well. It’s going to take a lot of work but it’s all for a good cause.

Favourite tricks?
My favourite trick is front side 360 Indy. But just some creative jib riding is always fun

If you could only ride one place the rest of your life, where would it be?
It would either be Bugs Boarding because there is loads of cool jib feature and they have some amazing big air jumps as well. So it’s a good all round centre with good room for progression. Or I would ride at my house just because when I wanted a new feature I could just build it and I could have mates over to ride whenever. Plus I already have a lot of cool stuff to ride and it is just so convenient having a decent set up to ride whenever I want to.

Last  year Will and Connor put a good few edits under the name WC productions. Head on over to Rem News to check out all their edit goodness