If you want to drop the pounds, you have to have a pumped-up attitude because motivation, as we know, is everything. 

Here’re the two tips and tricks to keep you motivated.

1.  Make A Collage On Your Water Bottle

A significant event or a huge goal is near; maybe you’re getting married, perhaps you have a fantastic vacation planned, and you want to be motivated, and you want to stay motivated. So you can make a collage on your water bottle.

It’s like a mobile vision board, and instead of putting photos of your dog, your friends, a pretty sunset, post pictures of the things that you want to wear confidently, for example, your wedding dress, a bikini, a cocktail dress that shows a little more leg or arm. 

Make that the water bottle you carry with you all day, so it’s not just something you see on the treadmill. It needs to be something you’re using at your desk, in your car, so that big picture goal of yours is constantly at the front of your mind.

2.  Reward Self for Workouts

You will need a jar for this task. Here what you need to do is promise yourself that you’re going stuff five dollars in the pot every time you exercise and then give yourself an end-date such as two months, three months, or six months. 

Then when that date hits, you get to take out all the cash, and you get to reward yourself with something to celebrate all your hard work. For example, a stay at the spa, a new outfit, or if you’ve waited six or seven months, maybe you can take a weekend trip. Five bucks a day may sound like a lot, but it’s probably what a lot of people spend at Starbucks, and here you’re going to spend it on yourself ultimately. It’s kind of like a gift for yourself.



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